Application Submission

Before attempting to submit your application to the warehouse, ensure that your application fulfills the requirements for Tethys App Store:

Application Metadata +

The build process uses the file to pull the metadata for your application. The following fields are pulled from the and are displayed in the app store:

  • Application name (Same as release package)

  • Version

  • Description

  • Keywords

  • Author Name

  • Author Email

  • URL

  • License

It is recommended to fill in the values in your so that your application has those details visible in the app store for easier discovery and filtering.

Each time you have a new version for your application, it is recommended to update the version number in your file so that a new package is built and published.

Steps to Submit

Developers can submit their applications to the app store by click on the Add App button as highlighted in the image below:


Upon clicking that button, you will be presented with a modal that asks for the link to the GitHub Repository of your Tethys Application. It also instructs to put in an email address which is notified once the build is completed successfully and the application is available on the app store.

  • Enter Notification email address (Mostly this will be your own or the developer’s email address)

  • Enter the link to your GitHub Repository

  • If there are multiple branches on your GitHub repository, you will be presented with a list of branches on your GitHub repository, Select the branch that you would like to submit to the application app store. The app store uses the Master/Main branch in case only one branch exists.

  • After selecting the branch the app store begins the processing. Once the build is done, an email will be sent to the address provided.


After your application is successfully built, you will need to tell the app store to refresh your local list of applications. To do this click on the refresh button as shown in the image below.